Research shows that women receive less media coverage than their male counterparts and are not seen equally in the sports media landscape. This website, and capstone project, assesses the degree to which this inequality exists and attempts to offer solutions that might help solve the problem. As part of the project, 25 individuals in various sports media positions were interviewed, and their experiences and opinions, combined with previous literature on the topic of women in sports media, formed the basis for this site.

This site is dedicated to Laura "Lori" Cove as she fights for her life after being hit by a car while cycling on a road in Cary, North Carolina. Lori has competed on the national and world triathlon stage and inspires her friends and family with courage and determination as an athlete and a community leader. 


Shannon Scovel is a senior journalism student at American University, varsity swim team captain and former Editor-in-Chief of The Eagle, AU's student newspaper. She has a passion for enterprise sports reporting and has interned with USA Today and Sports Illustrated. 

Women in Sports Media Blog

Women in Sports Media

An analytical assessment of the current climate of sports coverage for female athletes 

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